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  • Locations: Aix en Provence, France
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall Quarter, Winter & Spring Qrts
  • Program Website: Click to visit
  • Program Sponsor: IAU College 
  • Restrictions: DU applicants only
Program Description:

IAU: The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Is This Program Right for You?    |   Academics    |   Location and Culture    |   Housing and Meals

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Humanities Main Building

Is This Program Right for You?

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum GPA: 3.3

Language Requirement: None

Recommended OIE Advising: Students are recommended to have an individual meeting with Denise Cope about this program before the application deadline. [ Make an appointment with Denise Cope. ]

Level of Program Support: High

For this type of program, you are a student who thrives with more guidance and support. On this program there are support structures in place, but you will still need to self-advocate and have flexible thinking.  To be successful on this program, you can expect to:  
  • Have frequent contact and check-ins with program staff  and seek out additional support as needed
  • To solve issues, work with your program, which serves as a centralized point of support
  • Read all materials provided to you by your program and complete all requirements (e.g. immigration, housing, course selection, etc.)
  • Reach out to program staff and possibly local resources in the event of an emergency (e.g. police, ambulance, fire department, local clinics/hospitals, insurance companies, etc.)
Support 5 - High

Program Structure: Program Provider/Study Center

These programs are typically US organizations that act as the middle man between the foreign institution and The University of Denver.
  • You may see an acronym in front of the program name such as ISA, API, CIEE, SFS, SIT, IFSA, are just a few examples.
  • They often assist with administrative tasks like applying for your student visa, enrolling in the foreign institution’s classes (or enrolling in the program’s own courses), applying for housing, and may include additional insurance packages and/or excursions to travel on.
  • They typically serve US and Canadian students and offer a variety of program types, it will depend on the specific program. In some cases they may work with a local institution and other times they may hire their own faculty to teach courses to US and Canadian students abroad.
  • Typically there is a staff member from the organization on-site/in-country to provide support and services. 

Chance of DU Nomination:  Limited

This program has a Limited chance of placement. Students selecting this as their first choice will need a program with a Very Good chance of placement as one of their backup options.

Disciplinary Record: Students’ disciplinary records are reviewed as part of the nomination process. A significant disciplinary record may result in not being nominated to this program. See your OIE Advisor if you have questions or concerns.



The IAU College is an independent study abroad program offering a U.S.-style education in the south of France. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences provides students with the opportunity to study all levels of French while taking classes in English. Classes are with other American students and take place in Manning Hall, located in the most ancient part of the city. Students are given a high level of support by expert staff who are a blend of native French and longtime U.S. ex-pats. The principal areas of study are French language and culture, art history, archaeology, European/international studies, business, communications, economics, fine arts, history, Islamic studies, political science, and psychology. Classes are held with other U.S. students and taught by either local or visiting professors. Most courses are taught in English, with French language offered at all levels. Select courses are taught in French.

***IAU: School of Humanities and Social Sciences Course Listing ***

Credit and Grade Translations

To see how grades and credits from this program translate back to DU, look at the conversions in the Global Grade & Credit Scales.

Location and Culture

The city of Aix, with 130,000 inhabitants, has been a center of serious study since the University was founded in the 15th century. Today, Aix is a lively city that attracts tourists from around the world. Small enough to traverse comfortably by foot, Aix is an ideal location for students who wish to avoid the crowds of Paris. One of the most beautiful, varied regions of France, Provence is bordered by mountains, rivers, and the Mediterranean. You can easily travel by train to Paris and other parts of Europe. IAU arranges day and weekend trips to such places as the seaside town of Cassis and the Matisse Museum in Nice. Some trips will be organized as an integral part of a given academic class. Volunteer opportunities are available for those with sufficient language skills, and students are encouraged to take part in a language partner program, where they are matched with a local student at the French University.

You will be living primarily with other American students in host families and studying with American students in class. Because of the structure of the program, the onus to connect with host nationals is on you. This can be done through joining student clubs, sports and integrating with your French family for outings. 

Housing and Meals

IAU will arrange for you to live with a local French host through an application process whereby you state your preferences and are matched with a suitable host. Daily breakfast and 6 dinners weekly will be taken with your host. You will be responsible for lunches. Living with a host is a unique cultural immersion experience that is highly beneficial for language skills and cultural understanding.
DU students may not arrange their own housing or choose an independent housing option on this program.

Cost and Billing

Students will be billed the following fees by DU for the DU term(s) they are abroad. These will be billed to you on the same DU billing cycle (i.e. fall programs will be billed to students right before the start of DU's Fall quarter).
  • DU Tuition
  • DU Technology fee
  • DU Housing fee
  • DU Meal fee
In addition to this, students should budget for the following while abroad: 
  • Meals: Typically lunches and on the weekends.
  • Local transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Start-up costs (i.e. bedding, linens, kitchenware)
  • Entertainment
  • Medical needs
  • Other living costs
  • Flight*
  • Student visa for France*
You will be required to travel to a consulate within the United States to obtain a student visa. Travel costs to consulates are not covered by CGS benefits, only visa application fees are.  

*This is a Cherrington Global Scholar benefit for eligible students.

For more information concerning France, please reference the
DU France Guide.  

Dates and Deadlines

All nomination applications are due on the DU Nomination Application Deadline.

DU Terms

Arrival Date

Departure Date

Fall Qtr



Winter & Spring Qtrs



Academic Year *



*By approval only. Interested students must submit a Yearlong Study Abroad Petition to be considered for this program's academic year option.

Additional Information


DU Nomination Instructions

To Apply: Students must complete all the requirements and Steps to DU Nomination, including the DU Passport nomination application by the nomination application deadline. See Eligibility Requirements above for additional nomination instructions and chance of DU nomination.
After Nomination:  Students will need to apply directly to IAU: The School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Information on this process will be given once nominated.
  • You will be required to submit one letter of recommendation from a professor after the DU nomination process.  
Completing the steps to apply usually takes 2-3 weeks. The OIE suggests students get started on the process at least one quarter before the nomination deadline.


Office of International Education website
Contact Study Abroad Returnees (contact information found in DU Passport application "Research and Choose Programs" item).
The University of Denver thanks IAU for photos and relevant information provided for this brochure.

Student Program Ratings:
Academic Experience:
1 2 3 4
Host Program Support:
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
Cultural Experience:
1 2 3 4 5
Ability to Live on a Student's Budget:
1 2 3
Overall Experience:
1 2 3 4 5
Program Reviews:
Fall Quarter 2016 Participant
This program is great if you want a host family experience. The city is incredibly safe and you will feel comfortable walking around alone during all times of day. The city is incredibly walkable and there are plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. Night life is dominated by international students ( typically Americans). The program itself is catered toward Americans with classes similar to that of the University of Denver. If you are looking for international friends and a program catered toward immersion this program is not correct. There are plenty of opportunities to reach out to these kinds of organizations but you must be proactive. The school itself is two buildings located in downtown, there is no real campus. You will learn a lot and maybe even realize how disadvantaged you are being an American, if you are trying to really improve your French/ learn it. People will be very gracious and speak in English rather than help you practice in public settings like bars, restaurants, and shops.

Fall Quarter 2016 Participant
The host-family component is a great part of this program. It is the perfect way to gain exposure to French culture, practice language skills, and make lasting connections. It also makes home-sickness easier to bare. However, since IAU is an American university with mostly American students, the impetus is on study-abroad students to form peer relationships with French students. Also, I found that it was important to take advantage of Aix's proximity to other beautiful provencal towns. Day trips were well worth it, and it added to the exposure to local culture and history. Get a student discount card for the trains, because it comes in handy when you want to travel up to Paris for the weekend.

Eleanor Rene Burks, Fall Quarter 2017 Participant
Lots of free time. For me, not rigorous at all. Beautiful town, loved my host family. Ultimate goal was to improve french and succeeded