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  • Locations: Perth, Australia
  • Program Terms: Academic Year
  • Program Website: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: DU applicants only
Program Description:

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What is a Global Masters program?

Do you want to study internationally for two years and complete your DU degree and earn a master's degree from a top 100 university? 

A Global Masters program is an articulated agreement between a DU academic department, a strategic partner institution, and the DU Office of Internationalization where the curriculum is mapped to ensure student success. See the Global Masters Scholars page for an outline of the program design and available subjects. The program is based off a 3+1+1 model, which consists of the first 3 years of undergraduate study taking place at DU, then 1 year of study abroad at the partner institution (DU's fourth year). By doing this, the DU bachelor's degree is completed. The second year abroad (the Masters Year) takes place at the partner institution for a master's degree awarded by the University of Western Australia (students are formally admitted to the Master's program upon acceptance to the Study Abroad Year).

Students enrolled at DU can apply to Global Masters Scholars programs if they meet eligibility requirements laid out by their DU academic departments.

311 Program Timeline

Program Advisors

The Global Masters Faculty Advisor in your DU department will help you determine whether this program is a good fit for you, what courses are required, and recommended for your time at UWA. They support the academic side of the program. 

Global Masters Faculty Advisors at DU

Global Masters in Business Information & Logistics Management 
Dr. Andrew Urbaczewski

Global Masters in Biological Sciences (Specializations in Conservation Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Zoology) 
Dr. Shannon Murphy

Global Masters in Biotechnology (Specializations in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics & Genomics, and Environmental Biotechnology)
Dr. Nancy Lorenzon

Global Masters in Environmental Science (Specializations in Environmental Management, Marine & Coastal, Catchments & Water, Environmental Rehabilitation, and Sensing & Environmental Data)
Dr. Michael Kerwin

Global Masters in Professional Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering)
Dr. Matt Gordon (BSME students) or Dr. Goncalo Martins (BSEE students)

Study Abroad (OIE) Advisor for UWA: Krystal Booker-Reusch

The Study Abroad (OIE) advisor for University of Western Australia will help you navigate the logistics of your senior year abroad. This includes standard study abroad steps (the study abroad process starts in your junior year), applying for a Australian Student Visa, and navigating DU Passport.  

Is This Program Right For You?

Eligibility Requirements

DU students must meet eligibility requirements at each university, DU's study abroad and exchange requirements, and any additional requirements specifically determined for any of the Global Masters programs. These include:

Minimum GPA: 3.5 is recommended; however, your DU academic department sets this requirement. Students will not be considered if under 3.0. 

Departmental Advising: Students are required to meet with the Global Masters Faculty Advisor for their department at DU before applying to the Global Master program. See Program Advisors for departmental contact information.

Mandatory OIE Advising: Students are required to have an individual meeting with Krystal Booker-Reusch about this program in their junior year before the application deadline in order to be considered for nomination. [ Make an appointment with Krystal Booker-Reusch.]

Valid Passport: Students are required to upload a scanned color copy of the passport that they will travel on to the Attached Documents section in DU Passport to be considered for nomination. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months past the end of the program. 

GMS Provisional Acceptance: Students will need to apply directly to their DU academic department first, often well in advance of their senior year. See Program Advisors for departmental contact information. After students apply, they must receive a departmental acceptance into the Global Masters program from their department at DU (and the related UWA department).

Disciplinary Record: Students’ disciplinary records are reviewed as part of the nomination process. A significant disciplinary record may result in not being nominated to this program. See your Study Abroad (OIE) Advisor if you have questions or concerns.

*** Global Masters Process Flowchart ***

Level of Program Support: Medium

For your senior year abroad, this program has a medium level of support. If you're a good fit, you are a student who likes to have some guidance to solve issues, but are okay with a variety of challenges.  You will need a mid-level degree of self-advocacy and flexible thinking. To be successful on this program, you can expect to:

  • Reach out for assistance when you need help to solve a problem
  • Deal with some unexpected or ambiguous situations with limited guidance while not letting negative emotions overwhelm you
  • Read and complete all requirements (e.g., immigration status, housing, course selection, etc.) with limited guidance. Contact your (in-country) program staff and know how to use in-country resources in the event of an emergency (e.g. police, ambulance, fire department, local clinics/hospitals, insurance companies, etc.)

Note that students on Global Masters programs work most closely with the UWA international support staff in their UWA department than with DU's main study abroad contact at UWA.

Support 3 - Med

Program Structure: Direct Enroll

In your senior year abroad, you will be directly enrolled at UWA while remaining a DU student. With direct enroll programs, the DU Office of International Education (OIE) works directly with a foreign institution abroad.

  • DU students will likely need to communicate with the foreign institution over various time zones to complete required paperwork prior to departure.
  • The equivalent international office at the foreign university may provide limited support for international students coming to their school.
  • If you enroll directly and take classes at a university abroad with local students, you will experience the day-to-day life of a local student at that institution. This means you will have to learn and navigate a new university system in a single term with less support.
  • Many students feel that this higher level of autonomy helps develop confidence and self-advocacy skills. Remember, be patient with yourself as this is part of the experience.

A script of the video is also available.


UWA Reflecting Pond

Established in 1911, the University of Western Australia (UWA) is Western Australia’s premier university and one of Australia’s top educational institutions. This university is a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight universities. UWA is known not only for its academic offerings, but also for its attractive campus dotted with Romanesque architecture and unusual flora and fauna. More than 25,000 students make up the current population, 22% of which are international students. No matter the subject, you will study alongside Aussie students. Most courses ("units") include 2-4 hours of lecture per week. You will also participate in tutorials, which are small discussion groups led by a teaching assistant. A typical course load is 4 units per semester. Feel free to review UWA's Study Abroad Guide.

As a Global Masters student, your DU Academic Advisor will provide you a list of units that you will take during your first year of study at UWA that will ensure you complete your DU Bachelor's degree. Below are the available Global Masters programs at UWA and the DU contact that can advise you on the coursework. 

Global Masters in Business Information & Logistics Management 
Dr. Andrew Urbaczewski

Global Masters in Biological Sciences (Specializations in Conservation Biology, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Zoology) 
Dr. Shannon Murphy

Global Masters in Biotechnology (Specializations in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Genetics & Genomics, and Environmental Biotechnology)
Dr. Nancy Lorenzon

Global Masters in Environmental Science (Specializations in Environmental Management, Marine & Coastal, Catchments & Water, Environmental Rehabilitation, and Sensing & Environmental Data)
Dr. Michael Kerwin

*** UWA Course Catalog ***

Pre-Approved Courses: See which courses from this program are already pre-approved in TIERS. If already in TIERS for the desired course requirement, you do NOT need to submit a course approval request. For complete information on course approvals, see the Study Abroad Handbook.

Academic System: Instructors may be Australian and International and may have different teaching styles. Academics are influenced by the local system Australian system. See What Academic Style Best Fits Your Needs? in the Study Abroad Handbook and the DU Australia Guide for more information on those possible differences.

Transcripts: UWA will send students’ academic transcripts directly to DU at the end of their study period. Upon receiving your UWA transcript after the successful completion of your first year abroad, DU will award your DU Bachelor's degree. 

Credit and Grade Translations

DU and UWA credits are converted 1 to 1 (i.e., 1 credit/point at UWA equals 1 DU credit) in accordance with the Global Grade & Credit Scales. Your grades will not be transferred back to DU, which means your GPA will not change after the completion of your Junior Year at DU. 

Location and Culture

UWA Campus & Matilda BayThe country’s fourth largest city, with about 2 million residents, Perth is just minutes from superb beaches, nature reserves, and laid-back seaside towns. The University of Western Australia is situated in Perth between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. The absence of heavy industry means a virtually pollution-free environment. Perth also boasts more hours of sunshine per year than any other capital city in Australia, along with the best beaches in the country.

This is the place to study if you are looking for a unique Australian experience and enjoy the outdoors. FremantleCottesloe BeachRottnest Island, and Kings Park are popular places nearby for students to visit.

You can choose from over 80 different clubs and societies from the Surfriders to the Radio Club. In addition, there are over 30 sporting clubs. Your membership in the Student Guild is included. The Student Guild offers social, cultural, and sporting activities on campus. You can also take advantage of Perth’s ideal setting for living an active, outdoor life. 

Housing and Meals

DU students can choose from 4 on-campus residential college options:

All residential colleges include fully furnished rooms, your own study area, 14 to 21 meals per week, and communal areas including lounges, game rooms, computer and music rooms, and outdoor recreational spaces. Some colleges may also include a formal ball event during the term.

Upon receiving an Offer of Admission from UWA, students will apply for accommodation via the UWA Residential College Application Portal. Applicants rank their residential college preferences from 1-5, and the portal will automatically send their application to the college (starting with their first preference). Students should apply for accommodation as early as possible after receiving an admissions offer. UWA will contact students directly within 2 weeks of submitting their application. The residential colleges may also require applicants to complete an informal Skype interview prior to placement.

DU students may not arrange their own housing or choose an independent housing option on this program.

Cost and Billing

Students will be billed the following fees by DU for the DU term(s) they are abroad during the Study Abroad Year. For the costs associated with the Master's Year (i.e., tuition, housing, etc.) see the Global Masters Handbook for UWA. These will be billed to you on the same DU billing cycle (i.e. fall programs will be billed to students right before the start of DU's Fall Quarter).
  • DU Tuition
  • DU Technology Fee
  • DU Housing Fee (only for Fall & Winter Quarters)
  • DU Meal Fee
In addition to this, students should budget for the following while abroad: 
  • Local transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Start-up costs (i.e. bedding, linens, kitchenware)
  • Entertainment
  • Medical needs
  • Other living costs
  • Refundable housing security deposit and contract fee (varies by housing placement, est. AUD$75-$1000)
  • Ball fee (varies by housing placement, est. AUD$110-$125)
  • Academic dress fee (varies by housing placement, est. AUD$80)
  • Residential college pack (varies by housing placement, est. AUD$120)
  • Flight*
  • Australian Student Visa Fee (est. AUD$620)*
*This is a Cherrington Global Scholar benefit for eligible students.

The University of Western Australia offers cost of living information to help students budget for their term abroad. Students are also advised to review the DU Australia Guide for more cost of living resources. 

Dates and Deadlines

All nomination applications are due on the DU Nomination Application Deadline.
DU Terms
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Academic Year 
Late July

Additional Information

  • Immigration Requirements: U.S. students must obtain an Australian Student Visa prior to entering Australia. This is a process that takes time and planning. 
  • Immigration Costs: Many countries require proof of significant funds in their immigration processes, especially for yearlong programs. See Immigration and our Australia Immigration Instructions for more details.
  • OSHC Health Insurance: All students will be enrolled in the Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) which is mandatory health insurance required by the Australian Government for international students. Students should verify the coverage will meet their individual needs.
*** DU UWA Global Masters Handbook ***

Ready to Get Started?

Meet Your DU Global Masters Faculty Advisor: The department application process will start there. See the Program Advisors section above for Faculty Advisor contact information. You must first be accepted to the Global Masters program by both your DU department and the related UWA department. See Eligibility Requirements above. If eligible, you will receive a provisional acceptance into your program. Your department will then notify the Office of International Education of this provisional acceptance.

Complete OIE Steps: You will not need to complete a standard Study Abroad Nomination application through the OIE to study abroad at UWA during your Study Abroad year. This includes additional steps to complete, mostly reading information about study abroad and completing forms for housing, registration, etc.



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Recent Study Abroad Returnee List (see contact information in "Research and Choose Programs" checklist item in DU Passport)

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The University of Denver thanks the University of Western Australia for photos and relevant information provided for this brochure.