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  • Locations: Various Cities, Various Countries
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall Quarter, Spring Quarter, Winter & Spring Qrts, Winter Quarter
  • Restrictions: DU applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Click here for a definition of this term DU Billing: DU Study Abroad Administrative Fee, DU Technology Fee, Tuition for INTZ 2502 Course
Program Description:

Unaffiliated Programs - AUP and UPP

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General Information


While the Office of International Education (OIE) offers more than 150 DU Partner Programs, in limited cases, it may be appropriate for a student to participate on an Approved Unaffiliated Program (AUP) or, in very unique cases, an Unaffiliated Program by Petition (UPP), during the academic year. Students who choose to go this route should be prepared to do their own research and to navigate the process much more independently. Additional application steps (and a separate UPP deadline) are involved and students must provide a clear and strong academic justification for why they wish to participate on an AUP/UPP program versus one of the many DU Partner Program (DUPP) offerings.

Students pursuing an AUP/UPP option are required to meet with an OIE advisor prior to the application deadline. Students should meet with the OIE Advisor that works with the country/region of their interest.  Students can find this information by looking up DUPP program brochures in the country/region of interest or by contacting the I-House. 

Students must also meet with an academic/faculty advisor, who must sign off on their AUP Student Plan or UPP Petition (more detail below)

Deadlines for 2020-2021 study abroad:

  • UPP Petitions must be submitted through DU Passport by January 9th, 2020
  • The remainder of the UPP nomination application and all AUP nomination applications (including AUP Student Plan) are part of the regular DU Nomination Application, due by January 16th, 2020

(See the DU Nomination Instructions Section for more information and links to relevant documents)

If you wish to participate in study abroad over the summer quarter, all program options are unaffiliated, please read more about
 Summer Unaffiliated Options here

Students should understand the following in regards to participating on an unaffiliated program (AUP/ UPP): 

  • Credit from an AUP/UPP comes back to DU as transfer credit. DU’s transfer credit caps and the last 45-hour residency requirement do apply. 
  • Students must complete the Study Abroad Nomination Application, which includes additional required steps for AUP/ UPPs, by the nomination deadline (UPP Petitions are due earlier), and provide strong academic justification for participation on an AUP/UPP versus a DUPP in order to be approved. 
  • Receiving a nomination for an AUP/UPP does not guarantee acceptance by the program itself.
  • Participation in the two part INTZ course sequence is required for all students studying abroad on an AUP/UPP in the academic year (2 credit course on campus prior to study abroad; 1 credit online course while abroad).
  • Students will need to pay tuition for 1 DU credit for the online portion of the course taken while abroad (DU aid does not apply). See learning content, “Study Abroad Courses: INTZ 2501 and INTZ 2502” in DU Passport for more details.     
  • Students pay program fees in full directly to the program.
  • Students will be charged the $150 unaffiliated study abroad administrative fee, the $48 tech fee, and 1 credit tuition for INTZ 2502 by DU for each quarter spent abroad.
  • CGS benefits do not apply. 
  • Students are NOT able to apply DU institutional aid to an AUP/UPP (State and Federal Aid may apply).  


Approved Unaffiliated Programs (AUPs)

Generally students wishing to study abroad on a program other than a DU Partner Program (DUPP) will select a program from the OIE list of Approved Unaffiliated Programs (AUPs). These programs have been pre-screened to ensure that DU can accept transfer credit from the institution, provided students follow the guidelines and requisites for transfer of credit for the courses they select. While programs on this list have been pre-screened for institutional approval, the student must still demonstrate that the program is a stronger academic fit for them than any of the DUPP options and that the student is prepared to navigate the AUP process independently. The list of Approved Unaffiliated Programs (AUPs) is linked below. 

***List of Approved Unaffiliated Programs (AUPs)***
As part of the general DU Nomination Application, students interested in AUP options must submit an AUP Student Plan for each AUP option they list. This plan requires the signature of the student's Academic/Faculty Advisor to be considered complete.

Students interested in AUP options are also required to meet with an OIE Advisor prior to the nomination application deadline. 

Step-by-Step application instructions can be found

Unaffiliated Programs by Petition (UPPs)

Students wishing to pursue an unaffiliated study abroad option that is not an Approved Unaffiliated Program (AUP) must petition the Internationalization (INTZ) Council for approval. The petition is a rigorous process that should be started well in advance of the DU Study Abroad Nomination Application deadline. Students should be aware there is no guarantee that the Council will approve their petition and should have back-up plans in mind should the petition be denied.

 As the INTZ council only meets once a quarter, deadlines for submission are very strict.

Students must submit the
UPP Petition for each UPP option and have met with an OIE Advisor (required) by the following deadline:

  • Fall 2020; Winter/Spring 2021 applicants: January 9, 2020

 This Petition will be uploaded as one document through DU Passport and includes

  • Part 1: Student and Program Information (including proof of transcript and additional questions)
    Part 2: Study Abroad Application Essay Responses for the UPP Program choice
    Part 3: Student Academic Plan and Academic/Faculty Advisor Approval (signature required from student’s academic/faculty advisor)
  • Part 4: Study Abroad Cost Planning Worksheet 

Please note that this petition process is included as part of the DU Study Abroad Nomination Application; however, the deadline for UPP applications is earlier than the standard  DU Nomination Application deadline. 

Study Abroad destinations must be approved by Risk Management for travel by undergraduate DU students. As part of the UPP petition process, locations or regions that may be deemed to be of medium to high medical or security risk will need to be cleared by Risk Management. Please consult an OIE advisor for more information. 

Petitions are granted in limited cases for students who are able to successfully demonstrate:

  • A clear academic plan for his/her time at DU of which study abroad and the intended program play an integral role in enhancing the student's overall education.
  • Thorough research and understanding of the program he/she wishes to pursue, as well as options provided through DUPPs and AUPs
  • Is capable and prepared to navigate the petition process as well as the study abroad experience independently and with minimal support.
  • That his/her program choice:
    • Offers unique academic options that are not available in a DUPP or AUP option (students should provide detailed comparisons of DUPP/AUP options to this UPP program in this petition)
    • Provides high academic integrity and rigor and provides a transcript from an accredited institution.
    • Meets reasonable standards for health and safety (including the location) and offers a high quality learning environment.
    • Provides the student with adequate support.
    • Has the backing of the student's academic department, which must sign off on the student's academic plan and program choice.
Step-by-Step application instructions can be found here

Cost and Billing

Students who attend an unaffiliated program will pay the program directly for the costs of the chosen program. Cherrington Global Scholar (CGS) benefits and DU institutional aid do NOT apply to unaffiliated programs; federal and state financial aid may apply. Students are responsible for the timely completion and submission of Consortium Agreements and other required paperwork in order to facilitate transfer of any state or federal aid.

AUP/UPP students will be charged the following on the DU billing cycle:
  • DU Study Abroad Administrative fee of $150 (2019 cost, subject to change) per quarter abroad
  • DU Technology Fee
  • DU Tuition for 1 credit - INTZ 2502 (required online study abroad course while abroad)
In addition to this, students should budget for the following while abroad: 
  • Program fees/tuition
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Local transportation 
  • Books and supplies
  • Start-up costs (i.e. bedding, linens, kitchenware)
  • Entertainment
  • Medical needs
  • Other living costs
  • Flight(s)
  • Visa/ immigration fees
  • Additional costs
If you have concerns or questions about financing an unaffiliated study abroad option, please discuss this with your OIE advisor. You can also refer to your DU Passport account ("Financing Study Abroad") and our website for additional information on budgeting   

Additional Information

Areas to consider when thinking about applying to an unaffiliated program (AUP/UPP):

Ways to Enroll & Level of Support:

  • Consider the type of program you are applying for and how much additional support or independence you would like throughout the pre-departure process and upon-arrival in- country. If you would like to directly enroll at a foreign university as an international student, you would work directly with the International Student Office at that foreign institution. This option is best suited for students comfortable with navigating the process more independently and you should be aware that there may be different expectations of you as an international student. Program providers such as ISA, USAC, CIEE, CET, IES, API, etc are U.S. organizations that assist U.S and Canadian students with the study abroad process, providing added support and additional services. These organizations work with a number of the institutions on the AUP list (see link above) and may be a good option for a students looking for more support. In selecting such a program, it is important that you make sure that the transcript provided for your coursework abroad would come from the required transcript institution as designated on the AUP list.  

Housing and Meals

  • Make sure you understand whether and what type of housing and/or meals are provided on the program. Some programs include housing fees as part of the overall program fee, while other programs expect you to pay housing directly to a landlord or housing organization. In the case of the latter, you may be responsible for finding and securing your own housing. Meals are usually provided when you choose to live in a homestay; some universities will have cafeterias with varying types of meals plans; other programs/universities may not offer any sort of meals, in which case you will need to budget separately for this expense. For programs that do include meal options, make sure you understand how many meals are included and budget accordingly for all other meals.  

Student Visas (Immigration Requirements)

  • Research the country you wish you study in and their immigration requirements. Each country has different immigration requirements and sometimes visa requirements may vary within a country depending on the program. It is imperative that you are familiar with how long this process takes, when to start, and what will be required. If you are not sure where to begin this research, you can ask your OIE advisor or reach out to the program or university. Be aware that sometimes travel to a consulate within another city in the US if its necessary that you apply in person.

No Formal Affiliation with DU

  •  The University of Denver has no formal affiliation with AUPs or UPPs, meaning that you will need to serve as the main conduit for researching and figuring out all program details, visa and immigration requirements, housing, class registration, etc.

Transfer Credit/Requirements 

  • Approved Unaffiliated Programs (AUP) have been pre-screened to ensure that the University of Denver can accept transfer credit from the institution indicated on the AUP list. Students should reference DU Study Abroad and Registrar policies to ensure that the coursework they select at the institution abroad falls within the DU guidelines for elective course approval. Students seeking credit towards specific degree requirements, such as major, minor, or common curriculum credit, must work through DU's electronic course approval system. It is your responsibility to understand transfer credit caps and restrictions, the course approval process, as well as how grades and credits translate to the DU quarter scale. 

DU Study Abroad Policies

  • It is your responsibility to make sure you are familiar with and understand DU Study Abroad Policies as they relate to unaffiliated study abroad.
  • Read through the policies document here.


DU Nomination Instructions

Students who wish to be considered for an AUP/UPP must submit a complete DU Study Abroad Nomination Application, including all additional required unaffiliated documents by the designated deadlines (see above). Within the nomination application students should list all of their program choices in the order for which they'd like to be considered. An AUP/UPP may be a student's first choice or may be presented as an alternate choice to a DUPP(s). In completing essay questions for an unaffiliated program, students will need to demonstrate that they have thoroughly researched the AUP or UPP that they are applying for, as well as DUPP options, and that the AUP/UPP is a stronger academic fit and better meets their needs than a DUPP.  

In addition to completing all standard DU Nomination Application instructions, the following steps are also required when applying to an AUP/UPP:
  • Meet with an OIE Advisor prior to the application deadline
  • Follow DU Nomination Application essay question instructions/ prompts that require additional information for unaffiliated program choices
  • AUP students must complete and upload an AUP Student Plan (must be signed by your academic/faculty advisor!)
  • UPP students must complete and upload the UPP Petition (must be signed by your academic/faculty advisor)
Please note that if applying to a UPP, the deadline for submission of the UPP Petition is prior to the DU Nomination application deadline. For the 2020-2021 application cycle, UPP Petitions must be submitted in full no later than January 9th, 2020. Please see above for more information on applying to a UPP. 

When you are ready to begin your DU Nomination Application, detailed step-by-step application instructions for applying to an unaffiliated program (AUP/UPP) are provided



OIE Website
Contact Study Abroad Returnees (contact information found in DU Passport application "Research and Choose Programs" item).