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  • Locations: London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall Quarter, Winter & Spring Qrts
  • Program Website: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: DU applicants only
Program Description:

University of Westminster

Is This Program Right for You?    |   Academics    |   Location and Culture    |   Housing and Meals

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University of Westminster

Is This Program Right for You?

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum GPA: 3.4

Major or Minor: DU students studying Media, Arts, and Design will be given priority for nomination. However, students from outside these fields are also welcome to apply and will be considered, provided they have made a strong case in their nomination essays that this program fits their needs (academic, professional, etc.).

British-style CV: Students are required to upload a CV to the Attached Documents section in DU Passport to be considered for nomination. See UW's CV, Cover Letter, & Candidate Profile Guide for tips on how to create this document.

Cover Letter: Students are required to upload a cover letter to the Attached Documents section in DU Passport to be considered for nomination. This letter should outline your desired type of internship placement. See UW's CV, Cover Letter, & Candidate Profile Guide for tips on how to create this document.

Mandatory OIE Advising: Students are required to have an individual meeting with Jennifer Bohn about this program before the application deadline in order to be considered for nomination. [ Make an appointment with Jennifer Bohn. ]

Level of Program Support: Medium

For this type of program, you are a student who likes to have some guidance to solve issues, but are okay with a variety of challenges.  You will need a mid-level degree of self-advocacy and flexible thinking.  To be successful on this program, you can expect to:

  • Reach out for assistance when you need help to solve a problem
  • Deal with some unexpected or ambiguous situations with limited guidance while not letting negative emotions overwhelm you
  • Read and complete all requirements (e.g., immigration status, housing, course selection, etc.) with limited guidanceContact your (in-country) program staff and know how to use in-country resources in the event of an emergency (e.g. police, ambulance, fire department, local clinics/hospitals, insurance companies, etc.)
Support 3 - Med

Program Structure: Direct Enroll

These programs are where the Office of International Education (OIE) at DU works directly with a foreign institution abroad.
  • DU students will likely need to communicate with the foreign institution over various time zones to complete required paperwork prior to departure.
  • The equivalent international office at the foreign university may provide limited support for international students coming to their school.
  • If you enroll directly and take classes at a university abroad with local students, you will experience the day-to-day life of a local student at that institution. This means you will have to learn and navigate a new university system in a single term with less support.
  • Many students feel that this higher level of autonomy helps develop confidence and self-advocacy skills. Remember, be patient with yourself as this is part of the experience.
A script of the video is also available.

Chance of DU Nomination: Limited

This program has a “ limited” chance of placement. Students need to find an alternative choice program with a “very good” chance of placement.

Disciplinary Record: Students’ disciplinary records are reviewed as part of the nomination process. A significant disciplinary record may result in not being nominated to this program. See your OIE Advisor if you have questions or concerns.



University of Westminster

Study alongside local and international students at the University of Westminster while doing an internship in the community. Westminster has some 20,000 students (20% are international!) enrolled at three campuses in the city center (Cavendish, Marylebone, and Regent) and one in a northwestern suburb (Harrow). Each of Westminster’s four campuses house different academic departments and, though not prohibited, registering for courses on more than one campus can be difficult due to scheduling conflicts. The International Office provides excellent on-site support and social programs.

Module Choices: 
See the university's website for details on the semester internship programmeAll DU students are required to apply for a total of three classes (called "modules" in the UK):

  • Professional and Personal Skills Development: This includes a 14-hour-per-week internship and is worth 20 UW credits (7.5 DU credits). A wide variety of internships are available; explore your internship options
  • Two other courses. Students should be aware of prerequisites, as there are limitations on the level 5 and 6 classes. Students should also be mindful of the campus on which each module is taught—taking modules across multiple campuses can be challenging; students are advised to take classes at one or two campuses at most. See the link below for more information about academics. 

*** University of Westminster’s Module (Class) Offerings ***

Academic System: Students will be immersed in the British academic system (especially in classes with locals). See What Academic Style Best Fits Your Needs? in the Study Abroad Handbook for more information on possible academic system differences. 

Credit and Grade Translations

To see how grades and credits from this program translate back to DU, look at the conversions in the Global Grade & Credit Scales.

Location and Culture

London is the capital city of the UK and home to nearly 8 million people. It’s famed for its museums, music, palaces, parks, pubs, and vibrant commerce. While Westminster’s 3 centrally located campuses are in London city center, they do not have the campus layout of many American universities— their buildings are dispersed among the shops, businesses and restaurants in the northwest corner of downtown, near Regent Park. The Harrow campus, in contrast, offers the campus-based, suburban atmosphere familiar to DU students. Living in Harrow gives a more accurate glimpse of where most Londoners live (rather than work). Harrow is a 40-minute subway ride from downtown. Besides London’s abundant cultural activities, the students’ union offers a huge range of societies, clubs, and events. For more, see the Union website. The internship program is a unique avenue to experience the professional life in London beyond Westminster (see Academics for more on the internships).

Housing and Meals

Housing is typically in private bedrooms with kitchen and bathroom facilities shared with local and international students. Most halls in central London are close to campus; however, you must be prepared to commute. Most DU students have been housed in Marylebone Hall if eligible for central London housing. Students taking 2+ classes at Harrow Campus will be assigned to live in Harrow Hall, a residence hall on the Harrow Campus. For more information on the housing options, see University of Westminster Student Accommodation. DU students may not arrange their own housing or choose an independent housing option on this program.

There are no meal plans available as part of this program, and students are responsible for purchasing and preparing their own meals. 

Cost and Billing

Students will be billed the following fees by DU for the DU term(s) they are abroad. These will be billed to you on the same DU billing cycle (i.e. fall programs will be billed to students right before the start of DU's Fall quarter).
  • DU Tuition
  • DU Technology fee
  • DU Housing fee
In addition to this, students should budget for the following while abroad: 
  • Meals
  • Local transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Start-up costs (i.e. bedding, linens, kitchenware)
  • Entertainment
  • Medical needs
  • Other living costs
  • Flight*
  • Tier 4 visa application costs*
  • Refundable Housing Deposit - Students will be asked to pay a refundable housing damage deposit to Westminster upon confirming their housing assignment.
*This is a Cherrington Global Scholar benefit for eligible students.

Cost of Living: The University of Westminster offers information to help students estimate the cost of living in London..

Dates and Deadlines

All nomination applications are due on the DU Nomination Application Deadline.

DU Terms

Arrival Date

Departure Date

Fall Qtr



Winter & Spring Qtrs


Late May

Academic Year *


Late May

* By approval only. Interested students must submit a Yearlong Study Abroad Petition to be considered for this program's academic year option.

Additional Information

  • Immigration: All students going to the UK need to show they have approximately US $5000 per semester abroad for immigration purposes. Talk to your OIE advisor if you have concerns about this requirement. Students on this program are required to participate in an internship and therefore required to apply for a Tier 4 student visa. The visa application is a process that is both time-consuming and costly. While the Tier 4 application fee is reimbursable for Cherrington Global Scholars (CGS) students on this exchange, there are additional expenses to consider. Talk to the OIE advisor if you have questions. More info: DU UK Guide.
  • Travel Costs: Note that the cost of living in London, and travel costs in particular, can be quite high compared to Denver. Yet many students feel transit is an integral part of the London experience. Students – particularly those on the Harrow campus – are encouraged to consider purchasing a student Oyster card (saves 30% monthly). See Transport for London (TFL) for more info. Note that employers reimburse students either for travel or lunch costs on days worked at their internship per the employer's preference
***DU UK Handbook***

DU Nomination Instructions

To Apply: Students must complete all the requirements and Steps to DU Nomination, including the DU Passport nomination application by the nomination application deadline. See Eligibility Requirements above for additional nomination instructions and chance of DU nomination.

After Nomination: After nomination to this program, students will need to apply directly to the University of Westminster. Additional information on this process will be given once nominated. Note that the UW application is lengthy; it includes a letter of recommendation, a British-style CV and additional components. Students planning to take practical courses at the School of Media, Arts and Design will also have to submit a portfolio of their work. Be prepared to begin this process as soon as possible once nomination is confirmed and application instructions made available by the OIE.  
Completing the steps to apply usually takes 2-3 weeks.
The OIE suggests students get started on the process at least one quarter before the nomination deadline.



Office of International Education
DU UK Handbook
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UW Module (Class) Offerings
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UW Guide: CV, Cover Letter, & Candidate Profile
Students with Disabilities
UW Student Accommodation (Housing)
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Accepting at UW Halls Offer
UW Students' Union
Tier 4 Visa & Maintenance Fees
UW: Cost of Living in London
Contact Study Abroad Returnees (contact information found in DU Passport application "Research and Choose Programs" item).
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The University of Denver thanks the University of Westminster for photos and relevant information provided for this brochure.

Student Program Ratings:
Academic Experience:
1 2 3 4
Host Program Support:
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
Cultural Experience:
1 2 3 4 5
Ability to Live on a Student's Budget:
1 2 3
Overall Experience:
1 2 3 4
Program Reviews:
Morgan A Carter, Fall Quarter 2017 Participant
The Harrow campus is 20 minutes by Tube from central London. That being said, if you stay here you will be surrounded primarily by British students. Marylebone is the most central, but almost entirely abroad students. Shoreditch is the youthful, night-scene, and general urban fun region, but again, mostly abroad students.